Why you Should go to Disney Springs for Valentine’s Day

Why you Should go to Disney Springs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and out of all the places in Central Florida that my husband and I could go, we choose Disney Springs. Disney Springs is the best choice because there’s no shortage of dining options and entertainment. There is no cost to go into Disney Springs and there’s something for any taste, personality and budget.  Here are the many reasons to go to Disney Springs for Valentine’s Day.


A Great Place to Have Dinner and Drinks

The list of places to eat is huge at Disney Springs.You can have a fancier sit-down dinner in places like the Boathouse, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, Paddlefish, Paradiso 37 Taste of the Americas and there are so many more amazing sit-down places. If you are the more casual kind of couple that just want to grab a quick bite, you could go eat at the Disney Food Trucks or at Earl of Sandwich and let’s not forget about the Everglazed Donuts with their burger and chicken sandwich. If you want to have great drinks and have good food, then you might consider stopping by Raglan Road Irish Pub, The House of Blues or City Work Eatery & Pour House.



CLICK HERE for a Full List of the Food and Drink options at Disney Springs



Find the Best Valentine’s Day Theme Sweets

There are many places to get sweets at Disney Springs but it is Valentine’s Day so to make the night more special, look for the Valentine’s Day theme sweets. The best options are the Sweet Heart donut at Everglazed Donuts or the Eternal Flame cookie at Gideon’s Bakehouse.


Gideon cookie


Both sweets have the perfect romantic look and they taste even more amazing.


Sweet Heart Donut


Go to the Movies!

If watching movies on the big screen is your thing, after having dinner and your favorite Valentine’s Day sweet, head to the movies! The AMC Dine-in Disney Springs 24 is a very cool place to enjoy movies together, and you can also eat there so this could be a one-stop Valentine’s Day destination for many. And this year, only on Valentine’s Day 2/14 they have a special event. You can experience the Academy Award nominated documentary FIRE OF LOVE with special pre-recorded content from Miranda July and pre-recorded Q&A with Director Sara Dosa.


AMC Theather at Disney Springs

CLICK HERE for Fire of Love Tickets on AMC's website

Inside AMC Theatre at Disney Springs


Have You Thought of a Balloon Ride?

 Are you more the adventurous kind of couple? If so, the Aerophile Balloon Ride at Disney Springs might be perfect for you! This is definitely a unique experience that you can’t even find at any of the Disney Theme Parks. You get to fly above Disney Springs and enjoy the amazing views together as a couple. Make it even more memorable for Valentine’s Day and take a kissing selfie while up there!


Disney Springs at Night


An Amphibious Car Ride, Wow!

Are you adventurous but also a little crazy like Mike and I? Then go on an amphibious car ride on Lake Buena Vista on the Vintage Amphicar Tours at Disney Springs. You can find this attraction right next to the Boathouse Restaurant and walk-up reservations are accepted at the Boathouse Boatique. This is an unforgettable experience that takes you all around the area, you will see the entire length of Disney Springs plus the surrounding areas. It is captain-guided so you don’t need to know how to drive an amphibious car. I see another opportunity for a kissing selfie on this ride! 


Amphicar in the water


There are Many Concerts & Shows

Live music and shows are the main entertainment at Disney Springs and the best part is that these concerts are FREE! Unless you are attending a concert at the House of Blues or a show at Cirque du Soleil in which case you do need to purchase a ticket for those events, but all other concerts and shows offered in the common areas of Disney Springs do not require a ticket to be purchased.

The AdventHealth Waterside Stage is the perfect place to unwind at an open-air venue along Lake Buena Vista with your Valentine. To make it more special, don’t be shy and dance to the music!


Live Music at Disney Springs


A Couple that Goes Bowling Together Stays Together

Disney Springs even has Bowling! Have a blast at Splitsville Luxury Lanes, they also have great food options so this is another potential one-stop Valentine's Day destination for some couples. Can you believe they even have Sushi on their menu? Definitely a great place to celebrate Valentine's Day.


Splitsville Luxury Lanes


Do you Enjoy Shopping Together?

My husband dislikes shopping so this will not be included in our Valentine’s Day celebration but if you and your Valentine love shopping together, Disney Springs is the place to be! There are so many options for shopping from fancy to not-so-fancy. Some of my favorites are Coach, Zara, Havaianas, the M&M store and World of Disney.


World of Disney


CLICK HERE for the List of Shopping Places at Disney Springs


Coach Store


Regardless of any presents or what you decide to go for Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is to spend quality time together with your Valentine. Disney Springs has the perfect recipe to add the quality factor and I cannot wait to go celebrate with my husband this year. Wishing everyone a week full of love, friendship and fun!


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I love Disney Springs and I enjoy hanging out there. There is soooo much to do at Disney Springs. You could spend all day there and still not find everything they have. It’s great to go alone, it’s great with friends, it’s great with couples, with families and you don’t need theme park tickets! I agree with you 100%!

Lynne Booth

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