Three Secrets to Eating Like a Hobbit to Stay Thin

Three Secrets to Eating Like a Hobbit to Stay Thin

Those who know me, know how much I love to eat and how I seem to be eating all the time. I do believe that the three meals per day are a must, breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, it seems that my body needs to be having food more often in order to keep me at my top performance all day long. So yes, I have come to the conclusion that I have a Hobbit eating schedule.

Hobbit Eating Schedule:
  • Breakfast – 7 am
  • Second Breakfast – 9 am
  • Elevenses – 11 am
  • Lunch – 1 pm
  • Afternoon Tea – 3 pm
  • Dinner – 6 pm
  • Supper – 9 pm

I am happy to know that even the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics supports the way I eat. They state that eating more often throughout the day is associated with reduced or no obesity risk. When you eat regularly during the day, the body is aware that more food will later be on the way and it has no need to store your recently consumed meal as fat. Instead, the body is more likely to burn the calories. Eating throughout the day can also help stabilize blood sugar and therefore stabilizes energy level.

I am 5’3” and weight 115 lbs and some people can’t believe it when they see me eating so often but there are secrets to be able to eat like a Hobbit to stay thin and I will share those secrets with you.


Secret # 1 – Be Active

The Hobbits are active since they are involved in activities such as farming and blowing smoke circles. I try to follow their example and stay active as well. Having an exercise schedule or going swimming is the ideal goal. I live near Disney World and go there often. Every time I am at a Disney Park, I walk a thousand miles or at least it feels like it. I hope this counts as exercise.


Woman exercising


Secret # 2 – Eat Healthy

Hobbits are farmers who eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. I try to avoid processed foods although I have a thing for Big Macs and have one once in a while and maybe also the occasional french fries. I do try my best to include healthy ingredients in my food. I enjoy a home cooked meal with real ingredients. I eat lots of grains like beans, lentils, quinoa, rice and I love everything green and Salmon of course. I also try to eat fruits and yogurt as snacks.


Hobbits Eating


Secret # 3 – Portion Control

Portion Control has to be THE MOST IMPORTANT of all three secrets. I am not talking about counting calories or carbs, I have never done that in my life. However, the amount of any of the seven eating servings must be small including the main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The servings in between the three main meals I refer to them as snacks. Keep in mind that snacks are not intended to fill you up, but to bridge you from one main meal to the next so they need to be extra small.


Healthy Meal


Can’t think of any small and healthy meals or snacks? Here are some ideas:

  • Breakfast: Black Coffee plus one toast or one pancake
  • Second Breakfast: One banana or one boiled egg
  • Elevenses: One apple or a handful of unsalted cashews
  • Lunch: Lean meat with veggies
  • Afternoon Tea: A Smoothie or a small piece of chocolate (Yes I love chocolate!)
  • Dinner: Lean meat with veggies, rice & beans
  • Supper: Some blueberries or a yogurt


Marcia holding food plate


Eating like a Hobbit can have many benefits. It can help you stimulate your metabolism and give you energy, it works great for me. However, it is not for everyone, you know your body more than anyone else and should decide accordingly. All three secrets can apply to everyone though, being active, eating healthy and using portion control can help anyone be healthier regardless if you decide to eat like a Hobbit or not. So go on and make the changes to a healthier you!



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