Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

My mother was right when she said “Veinte años no es nada”, twenty years did fly by and here I am today in my 40s wondering where the time went. One thing is for sure though, I am much smarter and wiser. I’ve come to the conclusion that the longer you live the more you learn to enjoy life’s special moments and this is because as we get older, we learn what’s really important and have less tolerance for things that do not bring us happiness and peace. Here are the six things I wish I knew when I was 20.

  1. Who Cares What People Think About You

People will criticize you no matter what you do so do what makes you happy in life. Always remind yourself what you are the owner of your own destiny and nobody else’s opinions matter. It is a skill that you have to practice on an ongoing basis to achieve proficiency and getting older is the perfect practice field for this. Be yourself, be happy and ignore the rest!

Marcia with Roller skates and marcia taking selfie in a bikini


  1. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

It’s very easy to compare ourselves to others, it must be human nature but we must fight against it. That comparison brings negative thoughts which prevent you from being your best self. We are all special in our own way and have something unique and valuable that nobody else has. Being older shows you that comparing yourself to others is wasted energy. Be and appreciate yourself! Always remember you’re beautiful! There’s only one “you” in this world!


Don't Compare Yourself to Others



  1. The Small Things are the Big Things

Little do we know when we are young that the little things are the big things in life. Time shows you that the smallest of the details can make lifetime memories and that those are the things that really matter in life. Take the time to smell the roses, feel the breeze of the ocean, make snow angels. Take everything in and enjoy every moment and every detail.




  1. Don’t Settle for Anything

Work hard, chase your dreams and don’t settle for anything! One of the best freedoms we have in life is to be able to choose, so choose to have the life that you see in your dreams and life aspirations. It took me many years to stop settling for things, now I am chasing my dreams, I kick routine in the butt and I am living the life that I want.


Don't Settle. Create the Life you Want.


  1. One Thing Never Changes, Money Does Buy Happiness

I am sorry to tell you but money does buy happiness. However in my 20s, the happiness money bought was the new outfits, the best seats to a concert and that trip to Europe. I still like those things but what’s more important to me now is what I can do for my family and I am not talking about being rich or anywhere close to that. Money buys us experiences like going to Disney World together, eating at iconic restaurants, helping our kids with college expenses but most importantly money gives me the peace of mind of having a comfortable home and good food on the table. This makes me happy.


Our family at Magic Kingdom



  1. Life is Short

The sooner we learn that our time in this world is limited the sooner we start actually living. Don’t leave for tomorrow the things you want to do today because tomorrow might never come. Create a bucket list and start checking things off, the earlier you start the better. Life is short but is also the most beautiful present we could have received. Let’s make the best of it!


Marcia crossing Abbey Road


Too bad we couldn’t be this wise at the age of 20 but is never too late to learn. A life well lived is the only thing we can all hope for and always remember that getting older is a privilege that many do not get to experience. Have a good life!




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Life is a gift, that’s why it’s the present 🎁
Thank you for your wisdom. We definitely get smarter as we get older. Family is everything. ❤️


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