Is the Mouth Numbing Effect from Oga’s Cantina’s Fuzzy Tauntaun Drink Gone?

Is the Mouth Numbing Effect from Oga’s Cantina’s Fuzzy Tauntaun Drink Gone?

Is the Lip Tingling and Mouth Numbing Effect from the Fuzzy Tauntaun Drink Gone? We wondered the same so in January 2023 we tested it and answered this question for good.

Background: The Fuzzy Tauntaun drink is an iconic drink at Galaxy’s Edge’s Oga’s Cantina at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World that costs $18 which was removed from the menu in early 2022 due to some shortages in the ingredients used to make the tingling foam that comes on the top of the drink. Later in 2022, the drink was added back to the menu under what we hear is a new recipe and rumor has it that the tingling sensation you get is not the same as with the old recipe so we went on a mission to investigate.


Fuzzy Tauntaun Drink


Tingling Effect: The drink is made of Cîroc Peach Vodka, Bols Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice with Tangerine, Pure Cane Sugar, and “Buzz Button Tingling” Foam. That Buzz Button Tingling foam is what makes your lips and mouth go numb when drinking it. We know the foam gets this effect from an ingredient which is a natural painkiller that comes from a special flower referred to as “Buzz Button” aka “Szechuan Button”.

Buzz Button Flower

The Issue: My husband Mike tried this drink a couple of years ago and according to him the tingling and numbing sensation from this drink was pretty intense back then which made it super fun and brought many good laughs with friends. It wears off pretty quick so you are not stuck feeling numb for too long. The main issue seems to be that the flower used in the drink which causes the numbing effect is supposedly going extinct. We cannot confirm this but would explain why Disney would find the need to change this awesome drink.


Mike holding two Fuzzy Tauntaun drinks


The Test: This was my first time trying it. I followed our waiter’s instructions and kept the foam in my mouth and around my lips for a few seconds but I felt nothing. Then I tried it a few more times and only then I started feeling a little tingling in my tongue and lips. Mike tried it also following the same instructions but Mike put a ton of foam on his lips. He also did it a few times and had very similar outcome. He felt a light tingling sensation, nothing compared to what he felt a couple years ago. Not satisfied with this result, Mike requested more foam from our waiter so we repeated the cycle a few more times, we really wanted to have an accurate assessment of the tingling effect.


Tingling Foam


Answer: The answer to our question is that the Fuzzy Tauntaun drink is definitely a delicious and fun drink to have at Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge and we highly recommend it but it has lost its tingling and numbing intensity under the new recipe. The tingling is still there but not like it used to be. Perhaps the intense tingling and numbing sensation from the past was a bit too much for some and this new version will please a bigger audience. Regardless, those who remember how the drink used to be will always remember the shocking feeling when you first realize your mouth is completely numb after taking a sip from a drink.


Mike and Marcia drinking Fuzzy Tauntaun drinks


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