How to Get Into a CLOSED Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

How to Get Into a CLOSED Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

This has to be one of the coolest Disney hacks we have ever tried. Don’t worry we did not steal anyone’s After Hours ticket, or jump over a fence or run at high speed through security. This is a completely legal way of going into a CLOSED Disney Park and we are not talking about a Disney After Hours event which you need to purchase a separate ticket for. In this case, all you need is your regular park ticket or your annual pass and your park reservation for that day of course. However, there’s one more thing you need to do before you can walk into Hollywood Studios like you own the place.


Going into Hollywood Studios


Many of you are probably thinking, all you need is to do is make a late reservation in one of the many awesome restaurants at Hollywood Studios. The answer is no, if you do that, you will be blocked at the entrance and the cast members would tell you that you had to be inside the park before it closed in order for you to be able to go to your restaurant reservation, this has happened to us before.




The secret is the place to where you make this late reservation for. You must make this late reservation for Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge. Oga’s Cantina is the only place in Hollywood Studios that would allow you to make use of this Disney hack. A Hollywood Studios cast member confirmed this information to us when we were there. Oga’s Cantina stays open until 11 PM and the park closes at 9 or 10 PM.

 Oga's Cantina's Entrance

On the night we went on our adventure, Hollywood Studios had closed at 9 pm and Oga’s Cantina was open until 11 PM. Our reservation was for 9:55 PM and we got to the park at around 9:45 PM. The process is, you approach the main entrance as you normally would. The entrance will have the ropes up and cast members gathered together waving goodbye to guests. You need to let a cast member know that you have a late reservation for Oga’s Cantina and then the Magic happens.


Closed entrance of Hollywood Studios


There’s no better feeling of having cast members remove the rope, uncover the ticket scanner and welcome you in. This is Disney VIP treatment at its best. Once you are in, just walk towards Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge. Cast members will show you the way to need to go since many areas are closed and nobody is allowed to go through. Not to mention that Oga’s Cantina is one of the best places to hang out at Hollywood Studios, it feels like a private party when you walk in.


Mike and Nick smiling


So go on and be adventurous next time you are in the area and try this Disney hack. Be prepared to feel amazing as you walk through the closed doors of Hollywood Studios. People might think you are a celebrity just from the confidence of your walk. Besides, this is what Disney is all about, making us all feel like Disney is our home. Thank you Disney.


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