Five Tips for Chasing your Dreams

Five Tips for Chasing your Dreams

The term “Chase your Dreams” sounds like something so unreachable, something that we all want to do but it feels more like a dream in itself specially when all the daily responsibilities and the chaos of life hit us, believe me I know how it feels.

One thing to remember is that life is short, very short, and that we owe it to ourselves to live it and not only survive it. Chasing your Dreams means having a vision of what you want for yourself and taking actions to achieve that vision. Your dreams and the desire to achieve them will make you wake up every morning with a big smile on your face eager to take the next step to chase those dreams. Here are my five tips:

 Tip # 1 – Dream Big but Don’t Tell Everyone



This might be a cultural thing but my mother always told me to not tell everyone about your plans for the future because unfortunately most people won’t be happy for you and their negative comments towards your dreams can bring you down and discourage you. The best approach is to only share your dreams and aspirations with your closest loved ones, people that you know will support you and will provide the positivity that you need to go on your dream chasing journey. To the others, let them know about your dreams with your actions not with words.


Tip # 2 – Write Down what Dream you want to Chase



Have a vision on how your dream will be. Write down what’s on your vision of that desirable future state. Describe the goal you want to accomplish in your life, but write it down either on a piece of paper that you will pin to a board on your wall, your daily planner or diary, or even on our smart phone notes. You must write it down on a place that you will see often so your dream is not forgotten.


 Tip # 3 – Picture your Dream



Now that you have a vision in your mind of what your dream looks like, make your eyes see it too. This can be as simple as having a picture of that final state dream put in a place that you will always see like the fridge or on your desk. The “picture” can be anything that will help you visualize your dream, like a magazine cutout, a magnet, a printed page from online, or an actual picture. Being able to see your dream will help you stay motivated on the actions to get there.


 Tip # 4 – Break your Dream down into Smaller Goals



From that vision, start breaking it down into several smaller goals. Write them down in a list format to create an action plan. This action plan aka the list of things you need to do to achieve your dreams needs to be simple enough that you can easily follow. I recommend having dates for each goal so that you can keep track on the progress and hold yourself accountable. This list of goals can be as long as it needs to be because the important part of this tip is that these are not big tasks but rather small tasks that are much easier to complete. Keeping them simple and small will help you not get overwhelmed of the work involved to achieve your final state dream.


 Tip # 5 – Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes and Learn from Them



Let me tell you, there will be mistakes or things just won't go as planned because it’s life. Regardless on the situation, do not get discouraged. You need to get up, try again and always learn from your mistakes. By learning I mean sometimes you will need to adjust, maybe one of the smaller goals to get to your dream need to be re-planned and redone. Mistakes and failures are life’s way of teaching us so embrace them and keep growing.

These five tips will help you but always remember that the “chasing” journey is the most important part of it all regardless of the end state dream because it means you are LIVING so make sure to enjoy the moments along the way, make unexpected lifetime friends, dance like no one is watching, feel the breeze of the ocean, always include things that make you happy because as my friend Steven Tyler would say “Life’s a journey, not a destination”.



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This is great advice, Marcia. ♥️

is not a cultural thing. I learned that later on. At least I did learn though.
I hope that Everyone takes your advice.
Debbie Louviere

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